Offered Up


“…I will offer it up…”

– Judges 11:31

It has been said that prayer “arouses mighty position in the heavenly realms.” It is a prostrated position that elevates the believer. “The Holy Spirit loves order, “writes Charles Spurgeon, “and He, therefore, sets our powers and faculties in due rank and place, giving the highest room to those spiritual faculties that link us with the great King.” What a great truth! Much emphasis in the Bible is given to prayer, for that is where we commune with our Maker.

Confidence in prayer only comes to the Christian when we petition the Lord per His will. When we pray in this manner, we have what we ask for (1 John 5:14-15). The key that unlocks that truth, however, is what God wants for us and not the reverse. Prayer is not designed to provide for my pleasures, it is intended to accomplish His will. When we resign our desires in exchange for the Lord’s, we yield to God’s design and become a partner in ushering in His kingdom. It is then that we pray with the right heart, for the right purpose, at the right time.

When the Spirit of the Lord came upon the man Jephthah, he prayed to God and made a vow. It was not a promise of “if you do this for me, I will do this for you.” Very often, what we choose to do for Him comes at no cost to us. This was a promise to God that “if you do this for Your people, which is Your plan anyway, I give all back to You.” Everything the Christian has is God’s anyway, to be used for His purposes (1 Corinthians 4:7).

God could have used anyone, yet Jephthah was willing to be the instrument at this time. It was sweet surrender at personal cost to accomplish God’s purpose. What is the Lord’s will for your life today? Pray in accordance with that, and you will live victoriously!

“To be a Christian, it will cost a man his love of ease.”

– J. C. Ryle

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