Given Assurance

“…nor would He have told us such things as these at this time.”

– Judges 13:23

During the times of Judges, we see the most prolonged oppression of the Jews. Soon God would announce the last judge to Manoah and his wife. They were barren, yet she would become the mother of a son. A promise was given to them by the Lord, and He had a plan to fulfill through the child Samson. In Scripture, it is often the barren womb that becomes the starting place for God. He “calls life out of death and uses the things that are not to confound the things that are.”

The book of Judges declares that the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord. Once again, we discover the condition of the nation living in sin. The difference this time is that the Bible does not declare the people cried out for help any longer. “The awareness of the presence of God,” Chuck Smith once said, “will keep us from sin. It will chase our despair.” Despair had set in with Israel. It would seem that there was no yearning to be set free from bondage and no longer awareness of God’s presence. The “status quo” was tolerated, accepted, and even desired—a sad state for any nation.

Manoah and his wife realized they had seen God, and Manoah became afraid. Due to his belief, he expected immediate death. We see wisdom, however, in his wife. Common sense demonstrated God would fulfill His Word. They could not die and fulfill God’s promises at the same time. This faith in God’s Word gave her assurance. What assurances has the Lord promised to you? If Christ did not mean them, He would have never said them!

“Strange indeed that some humans have the idea that the Word of God can only be approached with shivering fears. But that is true only of those who love their sin and hate their Saviour. The blessed truth is that if I hate my sine and love my Saviour, the Word of God is a wonderful revelation, indeed, and a trustworthy guide.”

– A. W. Tozer

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