Defiant Obedience

“Go, tell that fox…”

– Luke 13:32

Does Jesus demonstrate defiance against oppression? The Scriptures show us here that He did. Herod Antipas and the Pharisees schemed in an attempt to direct Jesus’ path. Human means were employed to altar divine providence, what an impossibility! These tactics are usually applied when Jesus is not Deity to you. Our Savior would not deviate from His Father’s plan, nor should any saint.

Insurrection is not for the church age and is not in the hands of man (James 1:19-20). The judgment of sin and oppression is reserved for God at our Lord’s Second Advent. Until then, it is the Christian’s responsibility to, “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men” (Romans 12:18). There will be occasions when standing up for rights will be appropriate. It can be difficult enough to determine the right approach when you do know God’s Word. How much more difficult is it when the Scriptures have not been written on the tablet of your heart?

The threat of physical violence did not move Jesus. He was obedient to the mission God the Father had Him on. As in Jesus’ experience on earth, there will be times where we will “open not our mouths.” At other moments, God’s plan will require us to speak up for our rights. As a Christ-follower, our resolve should be to complete the race no matter what the personal cost. That requires knowledge of God’s Word and obedience to it. Know your Bible and know Christ. You will then have a confident stance in every instance.

“To capture a city an enemy must first weaken or destroy its resistance. The Church will never fall as long as she resists. This the devil knows; consequently he uses any stratagem to neutralize her resistance. Satan first creates a maudlin, inaccurate concept of Christ as soft, smiling and tolerant. He reminds us that Christ, as a lamb brought to slaughter, opened not His mouth – and suggests that we do likewise. Then if we notice his foot in the door and rise to oppose him, he appeals to our desire to be Christlike. ‘Love everybody and all will be well,’ he urges. The shepherd, taken in by this sweet talk, is afraid to use his club, and the wolf gets the sheep!”

– A.W. Tozer

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