What Is The Point?

“But Jesus sent him away…”

– Luke 8:38

Do you wonder about your purpose and why you are still here on earth? God could have made it so that we could be in perfection with Him in heaven at the time of regeneration. Why then this process of sanctification and time of delay? Someone once asked, “Would God keep His children out of paradise a single moment longer than was necessary?” Of course not! Jesus went ahead to prepare a place for us with the promise to return, that where He is, we might be with Him also (John 14:3). And yet, we continue waiting for the fulfillment of this promise.

The Decapolis held animosity toward Jesus. It was a hostile environment toward Christ. They did not want Him there, and He kindly departed. While the demon-possessed man healed by Jesus begged to go with the Savior, Jesus would not permit it. However, the Lord left the man with a purpose and plan. The former demonic was instructed to go and tell what great things God had done for him. It was a place where Jesus was not wanted. However, one of God’s servants was left to bridge the gap. It is interesting to note the group of Gadarenes on another occasion. They were sympathetic toward Jesus (Mark 7:31-37). Was this the result of the formerly demon-possessed man’s ministry?

The Lord left this transformed life in the midst of those who cared more for swine than another soul. It is this way for any disciple of Christ. Jesus sends us out as “lambs among wolves.” Therefore, we expect to be met with opposition at every turn while sharing the gospel. God does not delay to keep His saints waiting longer than necessary. He pauses that He might gather more saints! Our purpose then is to share the gospel with others while we await His return.

“The man who was healed…would fain be with Him; but the Lord sends him back…to be a witness of the grace and power of which he had been the subject.”

– Darby
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