“…if she loses one coin…”

– Luke 15:8

Our Lord and Savior identified with the despised and lowly. While the scribes and Pharisees sat on the places of honor in their hearts looking down at others, Jesus compared himself to an unclean shepherd and a disrespected woman. While they would agree it was ethical for a shepherd to search for a lost sheep and a woman for a lost coin, they condemned Christ for seeking to save lost souls.

It may have been that the silver coins were part of the household savings and resources. It is more likely that the coin lost was part of the Jewish marriage custom of the day. “Every Jewish girl scraped and saved,” writes William Barclay, “until she had ten silver pieces which were then strung together and worn as a necklace or a headdress.” To lose something so precious as our modern-day wedding ring would be devastating to a Jewish woman. To her, it would have sentimental value far greater than its purchasing power.

Very carefully, the search for the lost coin began. There was not much light, a lamp was lit, and a dirt floor was thoroughly swept with a broom made of palms. Slowly back and forth, looking high and low for a glimmer and reflection of light shining again at her. In Jesus’ parable, what was irreplaceable was found!

God searches for the irreplaceable. You and I are unique to Him. When we are lost and in the dark, rest assured He is seeking and pursuing. Our Lord lights the lamp of His Word, hoping to get that reflection of light from our hearts shining back towards Him. When the lost are found, the redeemed who are absent in body and present with the Lord rejoice in heaven with the Savior!

“In heaven, where they know so well the worth of a soul, all rejoice when one is saved.”

– H. A. Ironside

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