God’s Resources

“…wasting his goods.”

– Luke 16:1

Is it possible that Jesus said more about money and possessions in his parables because they can be a source of resistance to Him? We are told that the Bible contains over five hundred references to prayer, almost five hundred references to faith, but over two thousand references to money. Sixteen of Jesus’ nearly forty parables alone deal with how we handle money. It certainly plays a prominent role in life and a subject that most understand. If viewed incorrectly, it can be the source of many anxieties.

A young man named Allen once wrote, “My parents consistently taught us that all we had must be held in an open hand, that when we closed our fingers tightly over anything placed in our trust, we lost the joy and the blessing.” When hearts cause our hands to close tightly over anything, it has become an idol. It has taken the place of God. We then have forsaken Jesus and cannot be His disciple (Luke 14:33). We have then wasted His goods and will be held accountable.

H.A. Ironside wrote, “A man’s use of his money is often the acid test of his character.” And I agree! The way we handle what God has given to us may tell us much about the condition of our walk with Christ. It can be an indicator of who Jesus truly is to us. In Scripture, Jesus clearly shows us both attitudes regarding money and possessions. We will either love Him or riches; it can never be both (Luke 16:13).

May we be good managers of what the Lord has given to us and use God’s resources to evangelize a lost world. Wealth may indeed create many friends for us here temporarily. When invested in eternity, however, we make friends that have chosen salvation through Jesus Christ! Our treasures may be waiting for us in heaven through those we have helped point to Christ. They may be waiting in heaven to “receive you into an everlasting home.”

“Where riches hold the dominion of the heart, God has lost his authority.”

– John Calvin

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