Prized Possessions

“They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built…”

Luke 17:28

When asked about the coming kingdom, Jesus did not respond with a specific time or date. He did, however, describe the spiritual temperature of the world. It would be as “in the days of Noah” and “likewise as it was also in the days of Lot.” The sins of the world at that time are clearly labeled for us. Upon review of these chapters in Genesis, we find a world described to us as desperately wicked. So wicked that God brought swift judgment on both occasions. Looking closer, however, we see a more resounding warning for the Christian.

As Jesus spoke with his disciples, He shares the setting of end times. It will be desperately wicked days. Although that is the case, it is interesting to see that Jesus does not point out sins that we usually think of as evil. It was what people were doing amid the wickedness. They “ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built.” And although repentance proclaimed and destruction pronounced, there was no repentance. Among the chaos of the world, people went on “business as usual.”

Wicked times will come, and we can quickly identify many sins that will be judged. The more subtle sin, however, is a preoccupation with the world. This is the Christian’s most grievous sins. We become distracted, and a distracted Christian can be Satan’s most prized possession.

Judgment is coming again, but nobody knows when. It is imperative that Christians never live “business as usual” among a chaotic society. Whatever promotes your views and agenda is what you will pursue the most. If it promotes anything other than Christ to bring peace, you are attempting to build an earthly kingdom. Your vision is on the temporal and not eternal. Jesus is already among us, and we must keep our eyes on Him. Then we will be sure to share with others the hope of salvation through Jesus.

“It is the folly of many curious enquirers concerning the times to come that they look for that before them which is already among them.”

– Matthew Henry

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