If The Heart Is Right, The Vote Is Right

“But they understood none of these things…”

– Luke 18:34

As Jesus talked with the twelve about His coming passion, they did not understand what He was saying. The disciples did not know because it was not what they were expecting. The idea of a Messiah that would allow Himself to be crucified by His enemies was ridiculous. H. A. Ironside writes, “They were so occupied with the idea of His setting up immediately His kingdom and with the restoration of Israel, that they could not comprehend what His words really meant.” They looked for a Messiah that would kill their enemies. And who were their enemies at the time? The oppressive Roman government. They never expected a Savior who would be killed by His people.

In many ways, the modern church can be much like the church fathers here. Christians can become so worried about the United States; they forget to keep Jesus in view. To keep Jesus primary is to keep our nation restored. Like the disciples, we can begin viewing those who are politically opposed to us as our enemies. Rather than loving our enemies as commanded by Jesus Himself (Matthew 5:44), we desire God’s heavy hand upon them. Events surrounding politics in the church are trendy. They are also very dangerous if not tempered. A wrong view leads the Christian down the road of hatred and vengeance.

Jesus looked beyond the grave to the Cross. He was reminding the twelve about what He came to do on the Cross. Not only that, our Savior was telling them that what was about to happen was God’s plan and God’s will. Our trust must be solely in Christ, and we must pray for the Father’s Kingdom to come, and His will to be done.

As Christians, we must always point each other to the Lord. Our trust must be in Him alone. The moment anyone tells you who to vote for is the time that person steps into God’s place. God will have the answer for you if you are genuinely seeking Him. If you are genuinely seeking Him, then your heart will be right. If the heart is right, the vote will be right. We must remember, it is an action for which we will have to answer.

“Vengeance is popular today; forgiveness is not. Retaliation is often portrayed as a virtue reflecting healthy self-esteem. It is heralded as an inalienable right of personal freedom. Vengeance is evidence of macho strength. Our sinful pride inclines us to respond this way.”

– John MacArthur

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