With Us Always

“And this is a simple matter in the sight of the Lord.”

– 2 Kings 3:18

God’s army had marched for seven days and found themselves in a place with “no water for the army, nor for the animals that followed them” (2 Kings 3:9). The conclusion drawn by some was that God led them out to be slaughtered. A wrong assumption based upon unseen provisions.

Through Elisha, the people were told to dig ditches throughout the valley. God promised to provide water without the downpour of rain. Imagine how impossible that may have seemed to the common soldier. Nevertheless, the command was obeyed. As someone once wrote, “get your orders from the Lord; obey them by faith, no matter how foolish they may seem.” Something every Christian must apply daily.

As the nation of Israel worshiped God in the morning, the valley was filled with water. Even without wind or rain. It was more than enough to water their animals and sustain the military. And while they worshiped God and were blessed, the enemy stood on the other side and saw something different. Moab’s army did not see any rain. From their angle, the sun shined down at such a degree, the water appeared “as red as blood.” In their conclusion, the kings had turned on each other, and there was dissension in the ranks of Israel. The enemy was confused. Their wrong view emboldened them, and they were conquered.

There are occasions we may feel abandoned by the Lord in the deep valleys of life. We may not always see His provisions even when we are standing directly on top of them. If we worship the Lord in Spirit and truth in the battles, victory and conditions are ours. Yet if our view is skewed, the sun may appear at the wrong angle, leaving us confused. May we not assume what we are up against in life as God’s abandonment. Worship the Lord in trials, and He will provide those unseen provisions of peace. Through this daily exercise, our adversary is confused and defeated while we are blessed. Look to the God of all comfort, for these are simple matters in His sight!

“…and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen!”

– Matthew 28:20

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