The “Perfect” Gift

“…and the express image of His person…”

– Hebrews 1:3

The Day of Atonement was that system of rituals with so much symbolism. It was imagery that pointed directly to Jesus, the Messiah. The Apostle Paul called it a “foreshadowing.” There was another shadow that would be even more fulfilling of prophecy. The overshadowing of the Holy Spirit upon Mary. The announcement of the virgin birth (Luke 1:35). These were Scriptures fulfilled. However, it would be God’s express image that would truly identify Him on this earth. God’s character is expressed in His human form through Jesus, our Lord, and Savior.

Before Mary, or since no woman has ever been told, they would give birth to “That Holy One.” Joseph and Mary would need to teach Jesus’ siblings discipline, love, respect, and kindness. Something we all must be taught and share with the next generation. Would these same graces need to be introduced to their eldest Son?

As Jesus went and was subject to His parents, the Bible says He grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. All the while, His siblings probably experienced a much different upbringing. There is no perpetual virginity of Mary. They were born into sin and not perfection. As Jesus grew in His perfection, it is sure that His siblings grew in corruption. The evangelist John tells us that there was a time they did not even believe in their brother (John 7:5). Our Lord’s family needed a Savior, just as we all do.

Jesus was born into a body “perfectly prepared, perfectly adapted, and in every possible way exactly fitted for the work that was given Him to do.” His birthday matches the Christian’s death day…in perfection! Jesus came through the virgin birth. We suspect he shared the resemblance of the most blessed woman among women. Yet, it was in God’s likeness that He was brought into the world. God’s express image in Jesus Christ is what truly identified Him. God spoke of Himself through the prophets and came to us in His humiliation to walk with us. Nothing more is needed to demonstrate who He is. Have you identified Him? Have you accepted Him into your heart? If not, what a blessing it will be if you do today. It will be the best Christmas gift you could ever receive!

“And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.”

– Matthew 1:21

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